JourneysTemporary exhibition - Canadian Centre for Architecture - Montreal, Quebec

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Summary of the exhibition

Although immigration is a hot topic in today’s world, its discussion is often limited to the human experience, such as the crossing of borders and issues of national identity.

The Journeys exhibition at the CCA, presented in 2010, adopted a different perspective: how human movement impacts the environment.

The exhibition focused on fifteen stories raising questions and fuelling discussion of issues related to increased global mobility.

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Within the context of the Canadian Centre for Architecture’s temporary exhibition Journeys, the mandate of Exposition TCD was to design, manufacture, and install a series of modular presentation tables, display cabinets, and display pedestals.

Photo credit: Canadian Centre for Architecture
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Adjustable concept

Production of a series of bases and table tops of welded steel painted electrostatically and assembled mechanically according to the desired configuration.

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Display cabinets

The domes for the tables and display cabinets were made of welded acrylic, and the display cabinets were designed to respect the curator’s desire to achieve a controlled environment, using silica gel plates to create an hermetic mechanical seal.