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Expositions Pro-X TCD is a Quebec based manufacturer and service provider for the exhibition and kiosks business.  Active since the late 40's, Expositions Pro-X TCD develops and manufactures modular, portable and custom made exhibition stands and extends installation, tear down, warehousing and logistic services for products we create.  Mandates are given for various events in North America and Europe.

With the same energy and passion, Expositions Pro-X TCD develops for permanent exhibitions, museums and interpretive centers, exhibits, display cases, creative elements and interactive modules incorporating the latest innovations available. Our customer base is north-american with installation sites world wide.

At the crossroads of major highways, the Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport and the Port of Montreal, Expositions Pro-X TCD is able to provide logistic services required around traveling and permanent exhibitions. With a team of passionate employees, Expositions Pro-X TCD relies on its flexibility and attention to detail to meet the specific requirements of each project.

Known for its simple and innovative solutions, large manufacturing capabilities and work performed meticulously, Expositions Pro-X TCD is a conscientious partner within budget and timelines.


Marc Globensky, ing
General Manager

Claude Gautier is the president of Expositions Pro-X TCD. With his extensive sales, marketing and business development experience, he builds on the legacy of the company and its highly skilled team to identify areas of growth and strategic issues. Claude actively participates in the proposal process, attends the various technical development team meetings, and closely monitors every step of construction. Customers appreciate his pratical solutions, his respect to commitments and his open mind.

  • A customized solution

    When envisionning a project, irrelevant of its size or complexity, you can count on the experience and talent of Exposition Pro-X TCD experts to endorse the manufacturing of your custom made objects.

    Guided by a proven thorough methodology where communication is key, we're able to quickly understand your objectives and assign individual roles of participants.  This leads to an harmonious experience and a focussed and strong outcome.  This constant effort to generate solutions has lead to various mandates with public and private companies, government offices and a long list of successful projects.

    Discover for yourself the scope of our passion through our portfolio or contact us directly. 

  • Development

    One of the great strength of the team at Exposition Pro-X TCD is its ability to provide development and drafting services for the concepts and ideas that are submited or that emerge internally.  With a core of customers with design and architecture backgrounds, we're well positionned to join the creative process and develop submitted concepts, enhanced them if needed and/or simplify them to present efficient constructions maximizing material properties and respecting the initial concepts.  This active involvment in shop drawings generation is part of our manufacturing process since only our drawings can be found on the shop floor.  This process enables us also to program numerical control tooling and provide clear instructions to our craftsmen.

    This characterization of responsabilities avoids duplication of tasks, accelerates development processes and controls costs associated with the development of methods of manufacture, value analysis and material selection.

    Take advantage of this benefit and expertise of skilled professionals.

  • Logistics & Services

    Exposition Pro-X TCD offers turn key services to its clients for trade shows, corporate events or any visibility opportunities.

    Our expert team leads your project to the agreed parameters leaving you free to tackle other priorities.  We extend space and services reservation, logistics and brokerage around your event (transport, custom clearance, temporary warehousing), installation and tear down, warehousing, booth maintenance and general coordination services with your team.  When choosing Exposition Pro-X TCD, you also tap into a fully outfitted shop allowing quick touch-ups, last minute additions, 24/7 availability and a network of partners with no boundaries.

    Experience the red carpet treatment!  Ask for Exposition Pro-X TCD.