McGill College - MontrealExterior summer exhibition - McCord Museum - Montreal, Quebec

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Art in the city

Since 2006, the McCord Museum has invited the general public to explore our history by giving them free glimpses of its extensive collections.

Seen by more than 2.5 million people, these open-air exhibitions clearly show the relevance of the McCord Museum - and the public's appreciation of its work.

Photo credit: McCord Museum

A timeless design

Located on McGill College Avenue (between De Maisonneuve Boulevard and President Kennedy Avenue), the exhibitions are composed of 13 to 30 self-supporting structures presenting blown-up historic and contemporary photographs of Montreal drawn from the museum’s renowned Notman photographic archives.

Designed and fabricated by Exposition TCD, these 7’ x 9’ aluminum structures are anchored to the ground.

The images are printed by Exposition TCD in high resolution, laminated to protect them from the wind and rain, glued to aluminum plates, then mounted in the centre of the self-supporting structures.


The various exhibition themes explored over the years have enabled TCD to employ a range of technologies, including lenticular imaging and the use of QR codes allowing pedestrians to download additional information about the exhibition.

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