discoveryLANDPermanent exhibition - Telus World of Science Edmonton - Alberta

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Telus World of Science Edmonton

Welcome to Edmonton’s Telus World of Science museum, which recently opened its new discoveryLAND Gallery, a strategic blend of fine and gross motor activities exploring the arts, sciences, and humanities.

The creation of Toboggan Design, a Montreal design firm, the museum offers activities and interactions supporting children’s socio-emotional, cognitive, and physical development.

Allowing each child to interact at their own pace, inclination, and personal learning preference, the various activities and modules in the discoveryLAND Gallery promote learning in a playful environment. 

For children 8 and under

Designed specifically for the enjoyment of children 8 and under and fabricated and installed by Expositions Pro-X TCD, the Gallery features four areas: Tot Galaxy, Sky High, Cloud Burst, & Blue Sky.

The production and installation was awarded to Expositions Pro-X TCD after a call for tenders based on the preliminary drawings and models created by Toboggan Design.

Photo credit: Toboggan Design Inc.
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See for yourself!

Explore the many exhibits fabricated by Expositions Pro-X TCD for the enjoyment of all.

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A multidisciplinary team

The client, designer, and manufacturer collaborated to finalize the design and begin production drawings.

Once this step completed and the drawings approved, production on the standard units and prototyping of the interactive and other components requiring more extensive validation was launched.

Visitors enjoy an interstellar experience designed by Toboggan Design, featuring cheerful colours, plastic laminates, and other child-safe materials.

Dismantleable components

To respect the client’s wish that the entire exhibition be easily taken apart and moved, independent structures were built using invisible clamp systems. The project’s design is inspired by clouds, with numerous rounded corners.

Expositions Pro-X TCD woodworkers thus built hollow plywood structures covered with MDF panels and finished with colored plastic laminates.

Edges were smoothly finished with a flexible vinyl edging.

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