My Arctic DiscoveryPermanent museum - London Regional Children Museum - London, Ontario

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Deep in the Arctic

My Arctic discovery is a new interactive attraction at the London Children’s Museum. Open to the public since June 2011, this exhibition plunges visitors deep into the Arctic, where they discover its landscape, culture, and wildlife.

Experience life in the Arctic as you crawl through an igloo and end up in a modern Inuit home. Open the fridge and see if Inuit kids like the same foods you do!

Photo credit: Toboggan Design Inc.

An ingenious system

Distributed throughout various interactive areas, the modules produced by EXPOSITION TCD are all smoothly rounded as if worn down by the Arctic winds. Plywood frameworks are covered with hot-rolled laminated graphic panels to preserve the impeccable images for years to come, while coloured vinyl edgings hug the sinuous contours.

The safety of visitors is assured by an ingenious anchoring and bracing system attaching the components firmly to the ground; this system is completely hidden from view so as not to spoil the visual experience.

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Amazing discoveries

Discovery stations have been placed along the open pathway by Toboggan Design Inc.

Learn the language of Inuktitut and how to communicate using syllabics and enjoy the unique sounds of traditional throat-singing.

Try out the snow-goggles, the kayak, and ice-fishing techniques used by the Inuit people and experience the beauty of the Northern Lights.

Photo credit : LRCM