Joggins Fossil CliffsPermanent exhibition - Joggins Fossil Center, Nova-Scotia

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UNESCO world heritage site

This exhibition features the Joggins Fossil Cliffs, a UNESCO world heritage site and the inspiration for the creation of the Joggins Fossil Centre.

Overlooking the Bay of Fundy, in Nova Scotia, Canada, these exposed layers of rock reveal the world’s most complete fossil record of life in the “coal age”. Visitors are invited to explore its treasures in both indoor and outdoor exhibits.




Photo Credit: Design + Communication
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A turnkey project

Montreal’s Design + Communication was commissioned to explore the geological, scientific, cultural, and historic aspects of the site and present them to the world by means of an interpretation centre and interpretive tours.

The company’s vast expertise in innovative design, planning, and development served it well in this large-scale project. The project was named “Attraction of the year” by the Central Nova Scotia Tourism Association and, in 2009, the LA Times included this spot on its list of the top 29 destinations to visit.

Precise methodology

Once D+C had created the concept, Exposition TCD set to work developing all the components and making the production drawings. Our craftspeople then began fabricating wall sections mimicking the shapes and textures of the Joggins fossil cliffs. Display cabinets, bases, and life-size trees were added to the scenographic elements.

The expertise of Exposition TCD was also called upon to incorporate the interactive components, monitors, and other audio-visual components of the multimedia exhibition.

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