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100 years of history...

gsmprjct° was commissioned by the Montreal Canadiens hockey club to create a museum in the heart of the Bell Centre celebrating the glorious history of the Habs since the Montreal team was founded in 1909.

The museum houses nearly 10,000 square feet of artifacts, images, and interactive content celebrating historic moments of a team that has enthralled fans for more than one hundred years. Expositions Pro-X TCD was responsible for most of the manufacturing and installation.

Photo credit: Montreal Canadiens
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Key objectives

The key objectives were to allow fans to relive the Stanley Cups, the great rivalries, the legendary performances, and other great moments with display cases, stands, and exhibits, including hundreds of rare collectors’ items, a virtual Q&A session with legendary captain Jean Beliveau, and a life-size version of the 1976-77 Canadiens dressing room.

Dressing room

To develop and build the replica of the 1976-1977 dressing room, Expositions Pro-X TCD was inspired by archival materials provided for the purpose.

Objects found in the dressing room were given a lived-in look by our craftspeople, and certain custom-made items were reproduced.  The final product is impressive.

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Durable display cabinets

The oversize display cabinets were built with large-calibre tubular steel armatures ingeniously finished to display the contents to their best advantage. A durable latex finish selected by the designer was factory applied by Expositions Pro-X TCD experts.

The backs of the display cabinets were covered with large graphics that were laminated and applied to the surfaces.

To ensure flexibility for future use, some modules were created in sections to allow a variety of layouts.

Delivered on-time and on-budget

The mandate of Expositions Pro-X TCD was to develop, manufacture, deliver, and install all of the interior furniture, graphic surfaces, interactive modules, and lighting, to manage the project, and to harmonize all of these activities since the exhibition galleries were constructed simultaneously.

The train was not part of our mandate. The project was completed quickly – in just four months - respecting the initial budget and schedule.

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