Ste-Catherine street makes the headline!Temporary exhibit - Pointe-à-Callière museum - Montreal, Quebec

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The concept

St. Catherine Street Makes the Headlines! is a must-see exhibition for anyone interested in this historic downtown artery, which has been at the centre of so many key events that have shaped Montreal.

Visitors are invited to peruse newspaper articles, souvenir items, photographs, and films, all revealing the many roles played by St. Catherine Street and the stories behind its development.

Photo credit: Atelier Louis-Charles Lasnier

An ingenious route

The exhibition revolves around significant events in the city’s history divided into six thematic zones developed by designers from the Atelier Louis-Charles Lasnier.

The 4,000 square foot route is bordered by an alignment of temporary walls that were painted and laminated with high-resolution graphics; along the route are showcases displaying symbolic artifacts.

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Impeccable finishing

Created on a limited budget and a tight schedule, this exhibition drew on the talents of Exposition TCD craftspeople, who manufactured structural elements with impeccable finishes and installed them with nearly invisible joints.  

Although the size and budget of this exhibition are more modest than those of other projects we have worked on (the display cabinets were provided by the museum), this project clearly shows how close collaboration with the designer makes it possible to rethink seemingly complex and expensive structures and fabricate high-quality components and assemblies at affordable prices.