Montreal PlanetariumPermanent exhibition - Espace pour la vie - City of Montreal

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EXO, Our Search for Life in the Universe

How did life appear on Earth? Does life exist elsewhere in the universe? Our insatiable curiosity about life in all its forms and all its states is the starting point for the wide-ranging exploration of the interactive digital exhibition Exo: Our Search for Life in the Universe. Explore this fragmented space on a captivating quest through spectacular images and animation, projections and multimedia games!


Photo credit: Montreal planetarium

A constantly evolving exhibition!

Just like the life it studies, Exo doesn’t stay the same for long! The setting for this 100% electronic and multimedia exhibition is nothing short of spectacular. It includes large touch screens to transport you to the heart of the mysteries of life and the universe.

Multimedia game tables offer astonishing experiences, such as the chance to try your hand at creating the earth or terraforming Mars. In other areas, you may travel through the solar system, operate a robot on the surface of Mars or even transform into an extraterrestrial yourself!

Expositions Pro-X TCD craftsmen have meticulously shaped these discovery zones using wood and aluminum structures covered with medium density fiber boards some laminated with flexible graphic surfaces following the various curves and others protected with paint or creative patinas.

An educative path

Expositions Pro-X TCD regularly endorses exhibition mandates that have discovery and educative aspects.  The EXO exhibition is one of them.  Each visitor will find something of interest and the proposed interactives are crowd gatherers and favor collaborations. 

Expositions Pro-X TCD offers technology integration in all fabricated elements and extends to designers and equipment providers a pre-staging area for set-up, simulations before the on-site installation and clients' visits.

The final installation is greatly simplified and last minute surprises are reduced or completely eliminated.

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The largest collection of meteorites in Quebec

One section of the exhibition holds a real geology laboratory and a rich collection of meteorites – the largest public collection in Quebec. The collection contains over 300 pieces. Some specimens come from the moon or Mars, and others have marked the history of meteor science. 

Expositions Pro-X TCD manufactured a number of acrylic backlite displaycases that beautifully showcase those treasures.  The displaycases are integrated in a series of walls that stretches more then 20m once all assembled.