Laval CosmodomePermanent exhibition - Laval Cosmodome, Quebec

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Cosmodome 2.0

The Laval Cosmodome unveiled in December 2011 its new audiovisual and interactive concept where youth and families are offered, like in movies, a menu of space missions both educational and stimulating.

This update of the Cosmodome experience opened in 1994 allows this unique Quebec landmark to attract new visitors.

Space missions

Driven by the team at gsmprjct° and manufactured in part by Exposition TCD for furniture and set design elements, this new space adventure immerses visitors in a space station surrounding with minimalist décor where touch screens, RFID readers and LED lighting are everywhere.

The designers at gsmprjct° have drawn from their extensive expertise in the world of interactive and multimedia design to deploy an innovative adventure that will attract a new generation of visitors and allow for greater longevity of the facilities with the ability to add new missions over the years.

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A challenging project

Designed around modules of imposing dimensions, the technical challenge for developpers at Exposition TCD was to develop easily transportable and modular structures with sufficient internal space to allow integration of audio-visual elements and easy service and maintenance access.

The technical development is built around hybrid aluminum / plywood structures dressed with high pressure laminate (HPL) free of apparent hardware.

The result is impressive with a high degree of accuracy like seen in the aerospace world.