Indiana JonesTraveling exhibition - Montreal Science Centre, Quebec

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Science and Fiction

To mark the 30th anniversary of Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Montreal Science Centre presents a new educational exhibit where both science and  fiction are showcased.

Lucas Films awarded Montreal based gsmprjct° the design and realization mandates for the Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology exhibition. This international exhibition is expected to travel over the next years with two stops each year.

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Seven zones

The Adventure or archaeology exhibition is divided into seven zones and covers 10,000 square feet (930 m2). Exposition TCD was put to use to develop and manufacture some of the concepts of gsmprjct° designers suggesting a prescribed route.

Since the exhibition makes use of the video companion companion concept developed by gsmprjct° for a Singapore exhibition, the TCD artisans have incorporated RFID sensors within fabricated modules allowing visitors to take full advantage of system capabilities.

Modular construction

To allow the exhibition to travel easily and to facilitate the installation and dismantling process, experts at Exposition TCD have drawn from their knowledge of traveling exhibitions to offer robust and modular modules.

Built around a plywood frame and dressed with MDF panels, surfaces received a patina finish according to the designer requirements.

Each module faces are removable to allow quick internal mechanical jointage according to the unique configuration of the various exhibition halls.

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