Variation booth designModular stand with tubular steel structures and molded PVC panels

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Variation is a modular kiosk concept using wall panels to delineate trade fair areas of various sizes. Available in standard widths of 15” and 30” to accommodate the spaces allotted at such events, the stand is formed by aligning wall panels to suit the available space.

Curved sections complete the selection of standard wall panels, allowing our clients to create dynamic and professional installations.

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Strength and flexibility

A high-gauge tubular steel structure is at the core of the Variation concept. This structure provides the rigidity needed for 8’ walls and allows for the integration of molded PVC facing panels.

The shape created by the hot moulding of the light-weight PVC panels creates the rigidity needed for high stability and a uniform appearance. The moulded panels are available in a standard 30” X 30” format.

Other formats are also available, allowing customers to custom-design spaces according to the design concept, the message to be conveyed, and the components to be incorporated.

High visibility

The principal component of the Variation kiosk facing is its moulded PVC panel. The panel’s default colour is white, but it can be repainted any colour you wish.

A standard 30” section of wall panel provides 18.75 square feet of surface area that may be covered with graphic or vinyl surfaces to display your message, your logo, and/or your products. These pre-formed surfaces are adjustable and may be touched up over time to change or update your design or message, without having to start again from scratch.

The kiosk’s extraordinary flexibility allows you to amortize your investment over an extended period of time. Set yourself apart from your competitors! Choose the Variation system.

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Custom made

Does your concept require special wall panels? Put the know-how of Exposition TCD experts to work to develop the exact format you need.

Complete your selection of standard panels with the addition of specialized panels or accessories: shelves, display units, flat-screen monitor stands, back-lit panels, reception counters, LED lighting, display cabinets, or any other component you need to enhance your visibility.