Rio Tinto AlcanCorporate booth - Modular design for various size events

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Multidisciplinary team

In preparation for their participation in the Aluminum 2010 international trade fair, Rio Tinto Alcan commissioned the Hors-Média / Champigny-Raymond designer / Exposition TCD multidisciplinary team to design, develop, manufacture, install, and handle logistical and coordination services for a new corporate kiosk.

Developed as an island covering 90 m2, the modular kiosk has an open, airy design, encouraging visitors to speak to delegates on-site.

Photo credit: Hors Média Inc.
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4,0 m high !

The space is dominated by two imposing structures, 4 metres high.  The first serves as a storage module with wardrobes, a service counter, and accent lighting.  

Its imposing volume is used to display the client’s corporate signature and key message.  The MDF structure is covered with lacquered panels in the colours of the company.

An inviting space

The second structure creates a space for meetings and relaxation. The aluminum extrusion structure is covered with aluminum mesh. This transparency allows good visibility in the kiosk and is inviting to visitors.

Entirely modular, all the components are warehoused in enclosed wooden crates and fit together mechanically with ingeniously camouflaged clamp systems.

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