Quebec-EditionModular exhibition kiosk for European trade shows

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In 2010, Quebec’s Association Nationale des Éditeurs de Livres launched a competition for the design and manufacture of a modular kiosk to be used at European book fairs. Having used a conventional kiosk for many years, the members wanted to update their image and commission a series of bookcases and presentation modules with a more contemporary look using high-end materials and a timeless colour palette that would not distract from the real “stars” of the show: the books.

Their choice: Exposition TCD.

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A happy blend

Paramount among the client’s specifications were the modularity of components and their ease of transport.  After careful study, Exposition TCD thus proposed a series of streamlined, forward-sloping bookshelves to optimize the positioning of the books and bathe each shelf in LED effect lighting.

Steel was the material of choice for the modules, both for its scratch resistance and its timeless appearance. The circular design was also applied to other components, including the tables, service counters, dedication counters, and storage modules. For the wood surfaces, the client chose a light maple finish.  

Most of the components can be taken apart or folded in a more compact configuration using hinges and/or a system of quick release attachments that facilitate installation and dismantling and reduce the amount of space needed for handling and storage.

Open spaces

Exposition TCD created tool-free wall panels to surround the meeting and service areas.  

Two types of panel are available: opaque panels, where visibility is not required, and clear acrylic panels to promote proximity and avoid unnecessary compartmentalization.




Photo credit : ANEL
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